Amari Partner Model and Framework

Amari Partnering Opportunities

 Amari has partner with SAP, Accenture, Capgemini and Idemia on various aspects of the model and its delivery.
We offer full collaboration from design thinking through to implementation, and are even interested in setting up subsidiaries in country to implement, so the model matches the culture.
– Full IP sharing, Joint Ventures, and other models are open to discussion.

This report that came out today highlights the potential threats of AI to the world. Couple that with the ongoing threats from Cyberattacks, down to the SCADA/IoT level (I did work a few years back on how to protect critical infrastructure, in this case Water infrastructure), add in the stealing of data etc. and you have another type of Pandemic. How do we answer this attack and not only protect ourselves but prosper. I propose the attached Architectural framework, which we have written Patents on. If you create a privacy from the chip up model, and execute everything in a Trust Execution Environment (TEE), tie Identity to it, you get a New type of model, that is a Trust model built around protection. You could do it at a City level, State level or Government level. The TEE environment means that any entity, including IoT would have to be certified to run in the environment, and you in your policy engine you can regulate content, moving away content that Radicalizes people. It can be done. GDPR is great, but it needs a technology to support it.

Example Framework