“Ultimately, zero-party data can reduce marketing waste of a brand and improve the lives of its customers—a win-win situation for everyone involved.” Forrester

Amari For Business

Amari puts the power of privacy and personalization in the hands of the individual.

The Amari AI platform is the ultimate personal advocate that helps customers train and manage their areas of interest and preference. Amari is true hyper-personalization because the individual intentionally and proactively builds and trains their Amari persona based on inputs, actions and reactions. This is referred to as zero-party data and has a higher level of accuracy than first-party data, data collected by 3rd party entities. Amari ensures that the persona is a truer reflection of the individual based on zero-party data.

Amari executes all online tasks anonymously where all user data and actions are kept private.

Hyper-personalization + Privacy =

Brand Value