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Amari protects users by providing them a secure persona of their personal data and preferences that is built  to audit all data interactions using hyperledger  which is completely secure and maintains a chain of custody for all the data you import and share. Amari allows you to store your data, but you own it, not Amari.

Most fraud is related to identity theft (stealing of one’s personal information, such as their name and/or social security number) or fraudulent activity related to identity (bank accounts, mortgages or credit cards).  Whether it involves a false driver’s license, false unemployment claims or bank account, it all has a common root, identity. 


With “My Amari” we put you in control because it is built to serve you and you alone, not even Amari. This is done by validating that you are who you say you are using NIST standards and meets IAL2 (Identity Assurance Level) requirements.  The engine allows you to push your true needs into the marketplace, whether government or commercial.

Blockchains are distributed, decentralized, public ledger and Hyperledger is an open source blockchain that is used for commercial blockchain development. We use blockchain to provide an audit trail of all data transactions.  When you are dealing with anyone in our platform, you are basically contracting with them.  Hyperledger provides a way for you to see everything that has happened.  It can’t be erased, it is an immutable (unchangeable) ledger.

It would take a supercomputer to get your data.  You can think of your data as being in a cocoon that is owned only by you. There is no bulk data vault with everyone’s data. Essentially, every person represents their own data vault, so a hacker would have to use a supercomputer to hack each individual Amari persona.  It is a zero-sum game for them.

In Amari, you have to be who you are.  Amari enables secure, private and validated interactions between individuals and organizations using identity proofing technology. At the same time, Amari enables other parties to ensure you are truly you and still complete a transaction anonymously. This is something very unique in the market.  Once you have proven who you are, you are assigned a digital key which is what is passed back and forth in digital interactions, therefore, it is up to you to determine when and how much you reveal of your personal information.  To get maximum service, personalized to you, you may have to share some data.

Yes, you are able to share your Amari persona with any individual, company or organization that you choose and are able to revoke or recall your persona data at any time.  One caveat, with certain regulated industries and Government agencies, the law states that they have to maintain data. 

Amari will begin by building your core data with you, then as you go along, all interactions that you complete through Amari will capture that data.  The key is that it is private to you, and that at no time can Amari access your data.  Amari will also allow you to access your photos, email, profiles, contacts etc. to build your persona; however, unlike other platforms, like Facebook, Google, your data is yours at all times and never used for anything you do not request.

The AI engine only comes into play when there is enough data for it to work on.  Over time, as you input personal preferences, likes, dislikes, etc., the AI engine will try to think ahead for you and assist you with what you may want or need. It is making an educated guess on next best offer for what you desire or need. It drives the ability to personalize everything you interact with.

Yes, Amari is an end-to-end privacy platform. The contact tracing application would have to run in the Amari privacy environment, guaranteeing your complete privacy. You can share the personal data you need to and know that you are in control of that data. You can share and revoke that data at any time.  More importantly, with Amari you can remain anonymous with tracing apps so that you can share requested information without needing to fully disclose your identity.

Blockchain is a distributed, decentralized, public ledger and Hyperledger is an open source blockchain that is used for commercial blockchain development. We use blockchain to provide an audit trail of all transactions.  When governments deal with citizens on our platform, they are basically contracting with them.  Hyperledger provides a legal chain of custody for all data moved to and from the government platforms.

Amari provides at its core what we call the Data Pipeline / Engine which allows for data to be routed between systems while ensuring all data sharing rules are enforced to mask/filter and route only the data that can be accessed.
Amari platform enables rapid onboarding of data from any number of agencies into a consolidated data platform to enable rapid search and analytics across the board.

For individual governments we would want to do an analysis to get exact numbers, but Amari helps in 3 areas.
First, Amari helps to consolidate and modernize systems, so digitization is possible and happens. Through our offerings, we have saved individual companies millions of dollars through efficiencies.
Second, Amari also helps to streamline processes through automation which translates into savings.
Third, Amari helps eliminate fraud.  Amari is an identity system where a person is proofed using NIST standards. Once a person is proofed, there is no way for them to make a fraudulent claim using fake identification.

Amari integrates with CRM tools, such as ServiceNow, to provide case management process flows to solve the old process issues. Additionally, case management then moves out of a centralized office model to remote locations for efficiency and safety.

Amari supports complete remote accessibility.  As most governments experienced through the COVID19 crisis, access to public facilities and services was hampered significantly through government closures.  With Amari, individuals are “proofed” and they are who they are, so remote accessibility is enabled through the Amari app.  Amari runs anywhere, therefore, individuals (citizens) no longer have to go to a government building to access services. One caveat is that the government needs to onboard with Amari and make their services available via our privacy platform.

Amari works with NIST Real ID Standards and is built upon a blockchain Hyperledger audit trail technology. Amari, working with Idemia, meets IAL2 (Identity Assurance Level) requirements.

For businesses, hyperledger provides a complete audit trail of all data transactions.  All contracts and discussions are committed to the ledger.  At the very least, this reduces any legal risk.  When we implement the Datanexus engine we encrypt all PII data and offload it, thus removing the legal risk of holding such data within your boundaries.

Amari is the answer to the various privacy laws.  Since the individual or consumer is in control of their data and is asking for help, there is no need to opt-in. The individual has decided to make a contract and to have a conversation with the business, government or person.  It is a complete privacy platform originating from the chip level up — with complete security built into it.

We refer to Amari as hyper-personalization because the individual intentionally and proactively builds and trains their Amari persona based on inputs, actions and reactions. This is referred to as zero-party data (ZPD) and has a higher level of accuracy than first-party data (FPD), data collected by 3rd party entities. Amari ensures that the persona is a truer reflection of the individual based on ZPD.

Amari helps increase sales through the use of hyper-personalization and permission-based marketing where consumers grant a business or brand the right to use a portion of their Amari persona data (ZPD) for the particular intent or value exchange. While first-party data is rich in behavioral data and indirect interest, zero-party data represents direct or explicit interest on the part of the consumer.

For the longest time, businesses have sought 1:1 marketing nirvana where they intimately know their customers’ wants, needs and leanings. This desire has resulted in the pirating of personal data by some marketers which has led to a level of mis-trust.  In Amari, the 1:1 relationship can truly happen because of zero-party data and AI. The AI component, on the business side, is a listener to the Amari persona when the individual engages and creates a contract of trust and is asking for service.  This is all due to a person’s explicit interest.  It is hyper-personalization nirvana.