AI Ethics and Consulting

Amari AI can work with your organization to build your AI Ethics framework from Framework through implementation

  • Amari can help you determine the revenue cost/value equation to/ for decision-making purposes
  • Assist you as an outside voice, on how your AI Ethics framework may work with your brand to reinforce to damage it
  • Help you answer questions/make decisions on the Method/Algorithm moral implications
  • Help establish an accountability board and the Governance model for the board
  • Human first, or what we call “Human in the Center of the Circle” model of AI Ethics in your Organization.
  • Causality analysis

AI Ethics Paper

This is an excellent paper from Thilo Hangendorff. What I see over and over again on this topic is the fact that no one in industry seems to care that much, and that there is no legal construct in place for enforcement. I would again point to the need for a technical framework in conjunction with legal. Why can we not at this time put in a Trust/Privacy environment, much like the architecture that came out of our work with North Dakota. You can start with a City, State, Sector of Government. This forces the various tech entities, like Facebook to come to terms with a technical policy, implemented in a GDPR like Privacy Framework? If I were a Dubai, I would insist on something like this. To not only protect those in the City, but also step up to a very high level of service. You can do both.